free cdn

How to get free CDN service for your blog. Choices of totally free CDN service to use. What is CDN and why do you need it? CDN stand for Content Delivery Network. What CDN does is to deliver content (partial or all, depends on the service) of your website from their server instead of direct from your web hosting server. This will make your site loading faster because the content [...]

Get Tweetattack Twitter Marketing Software Free Edition

free twitter software

Download Free edition of  Tweek Attack for your Twitter marketing purpose. Tweetattack is a very popular Twitter marketing software among Internet Marketers.   This is the tool you need in your arsenal if you use Twitter as your major marketing platform. The features of Tweetattack is impressive. One of the best feature is the auto retweet feature which  can retweet link to thousand of accounts and authority and backlinks from tweet [...]

free bookmarking submit service

Submitting your blog post link to various social bookmarking websites is  a tedious process. It is okay to submit to a few major social bookmarking site manually but to submit to a lot more, then you need to spend a lot of your precious time which probably better use to write articles. One of the  common method to submit your story link  is by using browser bookmarklet add-on such as [...]

facebook like box

Your Facebook Fan Box (or like box) widget so slow to fully loaded? Been thinking yourself on how to speed Facebook Like Box widget loading? Do you have a facebook fan box widget on your blog? Does it seem very slow to fully loaded? Here a solution if you are using WordPress blogging CMS. Facebook Cache wordpress plugin use caching technique to speed up the widget loading. In fact from [...]

logo google

Splog and auto blog IM take notes: With +1 button, Google has more than website popularity metric in mind. That beside a few other thing introduced by Google recently. Google new experimental +1 voting button is said the Google’s answer to Facebook’s like. Definitely both will measure the popularity of a website or an article page but Google has more than popularity metric in mind. ‘Splog’ that tend to appear [...]

make money with photo on blog

Monetize the photos and images on your blog automatically. A very brief review on several in image ads network. Do you have photos or images on your blog?  Photo and images can provide a visual explanation or simply just to make your article presentation look more interesting. You might have ads on your blog but the photos and images could be the area that are underutilized for the purpose to [...]

how to remove wordpress admin bar

The easy and proper way to way to remove Admin Bar in WordPress. If you have already updated your WordPress installation with the latest version (3.10) you will see a bar on top which is called Admin Bar. At first it seem useful (see my previous blog post at: wordpress 3.10 ) but after a few days I think it only give distraction, especially when you are viewing your own [...]