Reluctant To Put Ads On Your Blog? Don't.

by Blogging4ever Blogmaster on May 13, 2011

Do you have a blog and made blogging as your hobby? Maybe you blog about the never ending scandal stories of your favorite artistes. Or maybe you write about your sad love stories. But then, for some reasons you feel reluctant to put any ads on your blogs, probably worry about been perceived as a sold out blogger, over-commercialized, not sincere, materialistic or whatever. Don’t.

Check out some top websites and blogs. Can you see the ads everywhere in their websites? It’s difficult to see blogs that don’t have ads on it, right? Can you keep updating blogs for years long without any monetary benefit? I tell you, it will not be long. In the beginning, you might say, you just blogging for fun or a form of expression. Only later then you feel blogging started to take its toll. You just don’t feel writing new blog posts anymore due to time factor and you are busy trying to make money with other jobs. It’s true, blogging could takes a lot of resources (especially time)

Just visit some of the popular blogs and website As examples let see::
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malaysia today

Look, how many advertisements on those websites. Big names can put a lot of ads on their blog. We, as some small bloggers trying to have our own corners on the internet, why should we feel reluctant to do the same?

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